Recycling collections resume in Brimbank

By Laura Michell

Recycling collections have resumed in Brimbank.

The council stuck a deal with SKM receivers, KordaMentha to have Brimbank’s recycling sent to SKM’s Laverton North processing facility from today.

Kerbside recycling collections from across Brimbank were dumped in landfill for more than eight weeks, after SKM Recycling announced on July 25 that it would cease accepting collections.

The company was wound up by the Supreme Court on August 2. The decision left 33 councils across Melbourne without access to a recycling facility.

Brimbank mayor Lucinda Congreve said the council had been working since July to get the municipality’s recycling back on track.

“We expect this interim agreement to remain in place until such time as a new owner takes over the recycling facility, at which point council will need to negotiate another contract,” she said.

“We know this has been a frustrating and disappointing time for our community, and we thank residents for the understanding and patience they have demonstrated over the last couple of months.

“I would like to acknowledge the many community members who have made every effort to reduce the amount of waste and recycling they’ve been producing.”

Cr Congreve said it was important residents followed recycling guidelines to ensure their recycling bins were not contaminated.

She said clean paper and cardboard, milk and juice cartons, aluminium and steel cans, hard plastic bottles and containers, and glass bottles and jars with their lids separated could be placed in recycling bins. Plastic bags cannot be placed in the bins.