Ravenhall accepts toxic soil

Tate Papworth

The Ravenhall landfill has begun accepting PFAS contaminated soil, the Environment Protection Authority has confirmed.

The site is one of three in negotiations with the state government, which is in need of a facility to store 1.5 million cubic metres of rock and soil from the West Gate Tunnel project.

In documentation seen by Star Weekly, the EPA confirmed the Ravenhall landfill had begun accepting contaminated soil.

“EPA is aware of small volumes of soil impacted with low levels of PFAS being disposed of at the Cleanaway facility in Ravenhall, consistent with their licence.

“EPA has not yet received an application from the West Gate Tunnel Project or Cleanaway for the Ravenhall site to receive larger volumes of waste soil from the proposed tunnel section.”

The EPA did not confirm if the soil is from the West Gate Tunnel Project when asked by Star Weekly.

Brimbank council has called a special meeting tonight to discuss the issue.

Brimbank mayor Georgina Papafotiou will ask that the council write to the state government to further emphasise community concern and anger over the disposal of the contaminated soil.

Last month Cr Papafotiou penned an open letter with Melton mayor Lara Carli, asking the government to look elsewhere.

“The expansion of the Metropolitan Regional Landfill, combined with the potential for Westgate Tunnel spoil to be potentially transported there, would see a dramatic increase in waste vehicles travelling across Brimbank and Melton, impacting our cities and the wider west for years to come.

“Communities in the west have already received an unfair burden of landfill and contaminated waste,” Cr Papafotiou said.

“We’ve borne the brunt of past poor practices and will continue to deal with these legacy issues for years to come.

“We would welcome a commitment from state government and Westgate Tunnel Project contractors to consider other locations, and alternative waste treatment options, away from the West.”