Putting words into action

By Tate Papworth

Actions speak louder than words for Caroline Springs woman Tiffany Shen.

The Miss Australia International finalist says she’s made a commitment to be a voice for sexually exploited, vulnerable children and recently went to Cambodia to learn more about the crime.

During the trip, Ms Shen visited the UNICEF office to meet the child rescue team and discussed a number of issues.

She said what she learnt really hit home.

“I was particularly moved when several charities told me about children being rescued from China, where they were sold,” Ms Shen said.

“I am from China and I cannot imagine such a monstrosity occurring there.

It was so hard to hear what had happened to the children who had been trafficked, the cruel life they are subjected to … is really beyond my comprehension.”

Ms Shen said that winning the title of Miss Australia International would provide her with a greater public profile from which to create public awareness, and provide practical support to charities.

“Quite clearly, this atrocious crime is trying to stay undetected so that it may continue to profit from illegal, lucrative activities like sex tourism,” she said.

“The fact that I am working all hours of the day, and sometimes night too, on this particular campaign is a small ask, because these children need a voice and I will be theirs.”