Police target weapons at Sunshine station


Police executed an operation at Sunshine train station on July 20, with a major crackdown on weapons in the community.

Police conducted Omni Operation at the station to detect weapons offences and enhance community safety.

Police spoke with more than 3800 people which resulted in five weapons being seized.

Two people were arrested; one for failing to provide identification and was subsequently fined, and the other for being wanted on whereabouts. He was released pending further inquiries.

Three people were issued with penalty notices for possessing prohibited weapons.

An omni operation provides police with additional powers to detect weapon offences within a designated search area.

Transit West Inspector Fiona Curnow said police had zero tolerance for those carrying weapons.

“People who arm themselves with knives and other weapons are placing themselves and others in danger – they can kill or seriously injure another person, or the weapon could be used against them. It’s just not worth it,” she said.

“We are committed to having a visible presence in the community with regular patrols and operations designed to detect and deter criminal offending.”