Police angst over driver behaviour

By Tate Papworth

Brimbank Highway Patrol members were left shaking their heads at driver behaviour over the Australia Day long weekend.

Across the four-day operation, Brimbank police detected 243 traffic offences, with 118 speeding offences, 24 mobile phone offences and 23 seatbelt offences.

Even more troubling were the nine drink drivers and three drug drivers caught, with 12 vehicles impounded.

A 38-year old man from Taylors Lakes was detected driving 100km above the speed limit and failed to stop for police.

When his car finally did stop he was placed in handcuffs and taken to the Sunshine Police Station.

His car was impounded and he has been given a court date for dangerous driving whilst being pursued.

A P plate driver with a car full of friends was also detected doing 111km/h in an 80 zone on the Melton Highway.

The driver was issued with a mandatory loss of licence following the incident.

There were also 21 unregistered vehicles detected, 13 unlicenced drivers and eight disqualified drivers caught in Brimbank.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Libby Murphy said it was disappointing to see people continuing to make poor decisions on the road.

“No one is invincible, and that’s unfortunately the hardest lesson people learn,” AC Murphy said.

“Until the message sinks in for everyone, we’ll continue educating the community and enforcing where possible.”

She praised those who took measures to heed the road safety message.

“We tend to measure these operations with figures, but we need to remember a life is not just a number and road trauma is not just about deaths,” AC Murphy said.

“For each person who looked after their mate and stopped them making a poor decision, or who simply considered their own actions before driving, this is what saves lives,” she said.