Plan to keep roads in top shape


Tara Murray

The Brimbank community is being encouraged to have its say on a draft plan aiming at keeping the municipality’s roads and footpaths in tip-top condition.

The draft 2021 Road Management Plan, which was released at the last council meeting, sets out a clear management system for the inspection and maintenance of the road and footpath networks across Brimbank.

The draft plan also sets out the inspection intervals and response times that the council must adhere to in order to comply with its responsibilities under the Road Management Act 2004.

The plan sets out the policies and procedures adopted by the council to achieve its road maintenance standards.

It also describes management arrangements for all of the roads and classes of roads that Brimbank council maintains.

Mayor Ranka Rasic said the council is committed to keeping Brimbank’s roads and footpaths in good condition.

“The draft Road Management Plan details the frequency that road assets are inspected and the standards to which they are maintained and repaired,” she said.

“We have a duty of care to road users and the plan provides a system for inspecting Brimbank’s road network to discover hazards and to plan and implement repairs to reduce those hazards.”

Feedback on the draft plan is open until April 20.