Park plans get green light

Sydenham Park could be opened up to the community.

Tate Papworth

Brimbank’s Sydenham Park could soon be open to the public.

The council gave the green light to a master plan which would open up the 231-hectare park for public use, at its March meeting.

The council says the park could increase its community profile and bolster tourism opportunities by hosting events.

The council says the main attractions of Sydenham Park would be landscape-based nature-tourism opportunities, as well as cycling, walking, jogging and bird watching.

The park could also tap into sports tourism, with the introduction of sports-based functions and spaces.

Cr Virginia Tachos said it was vital the park was opened up to the community.

“It’s one of the most magnificent pieces of biodiversity that exists in Brimbank, completely different from any other reserve,” she said.

“I’ve been privileged to attend tree plantings once a year, but when I talk about the beauty of Sydenham Park, it’s very hard to convey because people can’t actually go there.”

She said while activation was needed, protecting the area’s natural beauty was required.

“I hope … we as a council finally make that step to fund this through the budget process and support our community in having access to this amazing reserve.

“When I say access, I mean a controlled access … a gentle access where we pay respect to the existing biodiversity.

“Our community is crying out to learn about its heritage.”