Opposition promises dental wait time cuts


The state opposition has announced it will enact a plan to halve the surgery waiting lists in Victoria, amidst growing waiting times in the dental care sector.

Opposition health spokesperson Georgie Crozier said the a Liberal and Nationals government would fix the healthcare system.

“Victorians can’t afford another four years of Daniel Andrews’ inability to manage this healthcare crisis that his government created,” she said.

“Communities don’t need Labor spin, just a government that will stop the politics, fix the problems and deliver the health services locals deserve.

“Only a Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government has a plan to halve the surgery waiting lists in Victoria.”

Wait times for dental care increased to more than 45 months for IPC Health patients, 43 months for cohealth patients and more than 35 months for Western Health patients in February.

Waiting times for general dental care increased on average to 24.8 months across Victoria.

A state government spokesperson said the government has continued to call for the federal government to properly fund dental services and continues to advocate for long-term, sustainable funding arrangements, as well as a reversal of the 30 per cent cut to public dental services under the National Partnership Agreement on Public Dental Services.

“Like other areas of health, we know the pandemic has meant some Victorians have had to push back their dental appointments, but importantly anyone needing emergency treatment has been able to access it,” the spokesperson said.

“There is catching up to do though, which is why we announced a $27 million package to target waiting lists and provide more than 40,000 people with immediate access to dental check-ups and treatment

“We have also invested a further $328 million in public dental services, including the Smile Squad school dental program and specialist dental treatment.”

Matthew Sims