Odour system arrives at AkzoNobel

The RTO at the AkzoNobel plant. (Supplied)

Tara Murray

A permanent odour solution [RTO] at AkzoNobel is expected to be fully operational within the next couple of weeks.

AkzoNobel had hoped to have the solution installed and working by the middle of October, but had been delayed due to customs.

In a community update, AkzoNobel said the RTO arrived at Sunshine North plant in the middle of November, with it to be connected, commissioned and tested in the coming weeks.

Tests will be done by AkzoNobel’s air quality consultants once the equipment is operational, to verify its efficacy. A carbon filter had been installed as a temporary measure.

As reported by Star Weekly, the company has been ordered by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria to install an air motioning program after complaints from nearby residents about odours.

Residents have been complaining for more than five years, with the Environmental Protection Authority identifying AkzoNobel as the source earlier this year.

Residents have also long complained about noise coming from the site as well.

A piece of machinery which has been a significant noise source in recent times has now been replaced with a new, quieter motor.

Structural designs for a noise reducing wall have been submitted to council for planning approval.