New solar panel program


Tara Murray

Purchasing solar panels in Brimbank could help the environment and community groups through a new program.

Brimbank council and More Australian Solar Homes (MASH) have formed the Brimbank Community Solar Program.

Brimbank residents and businesses can purchase solar panels and renewable energy upgrades through the program, and for every solar system installed through this program, MASH will donate one per cent of its value towards the installation of a solar system for a community organisation in the Brimbank.

As part of the program, residents and businesses can attend an online workshop for support and advice about installing solar panels or battery storage and purchase a solar system; with installation through an accredited local supplier.

The program is open to homeowners, renters, landlords and businesses in Brimbank.

Brimbank Mayor Jasmine Nguyen said going solar you can cut your electricity bills and global warming emissions.

“Brimbank Council declared a climate emergency in June 2020 and achieving ambitious cuts in our carbon emissions will require a big effort from council and our community.

“This is a great opportunity for Brimbank residents and businesses to be part of Brimbank’s bold response to climate change.