New partnership ready for take-off

Melbourne Airport chief executive Lorie Argus and VU Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Shoemaker. (Supplied)

Jobs and internships for students alongside significant research projects are at the heart of a new partnership between Victoria University (VU) and Melbourne Airport.

In the first ever university partnership for the airport, students of the west will have the chance to contribute to one of the biggest economic drivers in the state.

VU Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Shoemaker acknowledged the opportunities expected to stem from the partnership.

“Airports are where global ideas intersect, acting as a vibrant crossroads where diverse cultures, perspectives and innovations converge. This partnership sets a new standard by aligning Victoria University’s research expertise and education programs with Melbourne Airport’s vision for the region,” he said.

“It goes beyond enhancing opportunities for VU students and researchers to emphasise our shared commitment to protect country by prioritising First Nations knowledge and sustainability across all our endeavours.

“We are excited about the meaningful contributions we can make together in advancing education, research, and community engagement.

In addition to job and placement opportunities for VU students, the three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will seek to enrich the visitor experience to the airport through a First Nations education framework, and research and advocacy projects around the proposed third runway.

Melbourne Airport chief executive Lorie Argus said the partnership with VU would enable student placements, job and tertiary learning opportunities each year.

“We’re excited to create formal education and training pathways with Victoria University, giving local students exposure to our staff and aviation specialists which could lead to exciting careers in aviation,” she said.

“The projects delivered under the MOU will help guide our future planning and we look forward to working with young people in the community under the three-year agreement.”