New mural unveiled in Sunshine

Mural organisers and Friends of Kororoit Creek members Jodie Williams (left) and Jessica Gerger (right). Image by Dennis Manktelow

A dull yellow wall at the rear of a Sunshine shop has been transformed into a striking mural.

The mural has been an ongoing project for the Friends of Kororoit Creek for more than a year, and the aim is to encourage people to keep the streets clean.

Co-organiser Jodie Williams says a $13,000 grant from the state government’s Litter Hotspots program has enabled the group to organise multiple “clean-up the streets” days, create decals for public bins urging people to bin their litter … and finally, their pièce de résistance – this colourful mural.

Two local artists were called on to create designs showing the pathway rubbish takes after being thrown into the gutter, through Sunshine streets and into the much-loved Kororoit Creek. Ms Williams says it took some time to find a suitable canvas for the work.

“It was actually quite difficult to find a blank wall that someone was willing to let us paint.”

It is hoped the messages the mural conveys will engender greater pride in Sunshine’s residents for their streets, parks and waterways.

“Who is going to clean it up if it’s not us,” she says. “That small effort can make a big difference.”

The piece features the work of aerosol artist Sebastian Fransz and local artists Kim Fleming and Liz Dalgleish. It was unveiled on Sunday and can be found at the rear of Westpac Bank’s Hampshire Road branch.