New limit for Old Calder

By Tate Papworth

A decade-long push to have the speed limit along the Old Calder Highway reduced has finally borne fruit.

A 40km/h school zone between Hislop Street and Arabin Street was implemented a week before students returned.

Keilor Residents and Ratepayers Association spokesperson Susan Jennison said the safety measures were past due.

“All other areas near schools have one of these zones in place, so why not Keilor,” Ms Jennison said. “Keilor Primary School has almost 500 students, obviously not all use the crossing, but a lot of parents pick their children up so that’s extra cars on the road.

“Hopefully this also helps with congestion.”

Ms Jennison said the move was no solo effort and had the support of the community.

“This has been an ongoing push for 10 years,” she said. “We’ve spoken to traders and we think community sentiment is behind it.”

While pleased with the result the Keilor Residents and Ratepayers Association said they will continue to push for more safety measures.

President John Jennison said a permanent reduction in speed limit should be considered.

“We’re trying to get VicRoads to think  about lowering the speed limit from 60 to 50,” Mr Jennison said.

“There’s a lot of traffic from the Calder Freeway which uses the road as an alternative. They rarely travel at 60 kilometres an hour”

Last year a 61-year-old Kings Park man died in hospital after he was struck by a car while attempting to cross the road at the village.

Following the incident VicRoads said they would review the speed zone on Old Calder Highway, east of Bonfield Street.

VicRoads didn’t comment when contacted by Star Weekly.