New building for growing school

Gilson College's new building is officially opened by Adventist Schools Australia director Daryl Murdoch.

Gilson College’s year three and four students have welcomed the addition of a new learning space.

The year three and four learning area at the Taylors Hill campus has been fully renovated and a number of new learning spaces added.

The building was last week opened at an official ceremony in front of the whole school.

Head of campus Len Farquharson said it was a proud moment for the school.

“It’s very exciting, we’re absolutely delighted to have a new facility, it’s always something that gives us a real thrill,” Mr Farquharson said.

Funding for the building was provided in partnership with the Block Grant Authority which distributes funding to independent schools.

Mr Farquharson said the authority had helped the school grow over the years.

“We’re really grateful for the support of the Block Grant Authority,” he said.

“We’ve been long-time partners with the authority, right from the beginning of the college here, so we have an ongoing building program.

“Each year we submit a new project for consideration and generally those projects have come to fruition, making occasions like this grand opening almost an annual event.”

The new building incorporates the latest architectural ideas for learning spaces in Australia, which Mr Farquharson said provided staff and students with a positive learning space.

“Gone are the days of what I call battery hen classrooms,” he said.

“Learning spaces like this one are very flexible. We still have traditional classes, but these learning spaces are flexible and teachers can use these flexible workspaces for a whole range of modern teaching techniques.

“There are modern architectural ideas that stimulate the brain passively just with different angles, colours and textures, so it starts out as the students enter as being a really positive workspace.”