My Place: Rebecca Barnard

Rebecca Barnard at the Sun Bookshop with her latest musical release. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

Singer-songwriter Rebecca Barnard has toured far and wide during a successful musical career, yet loves returning to her beloved Yarraville. She speaks with Benjamin Millar


What is your connection with Yarraville?


We bought a house here in 1992. Friends had moved here and we fell in love with Yarraville. Thank God we bought when we did!


What do you love most about the area?


I love the community. My son was born and bred here. He went to Kingsville Primary School. We started to build a village, so to speak. I’d love to see fewer cars and trucks on our streets. Anderson Street is a nightmare! It’s great that Yarraville is so popular, but we really need to address parking, as well as keeping franchised retail to a minimum.


Do you have a favourite local place or places to spend time?


At the moment I’m obsessed with Pizza d’Asporto’s tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad. They use nice olive oil, too. All their food is delicious. I love Plump, Cornershop, Barkley Johnson, Terroni and Bopha Devi.


What have been your musical career highlights?


I’ve had so many highlights. The Rebecca’s Empire era in the ’90s was such a great time. Knowing people were going to be at your gigs, touring, writing and recording. I recorded my second solo album,

Everlasting, in New York in 2009, which was an incredible growth period for me. I’ve performed with everyone you can imagine. More often than not they are artists I listened to as a young girl … surreal moments!


Who has been your biggest inspiration in your life?


My incredible mother Jane died last year, which has knocked me off the Earth’s axis. I’ve realised she has been my biggest inspiration by teaching me what matters and to trust my intuition. My son, Harry, is another. He is funny and sweet and courageous.


What’s something people may be surprised to learn about you?


I’m a serious twitcher and even have binoculars!


Rebecca Barnard will perform as part of the Yarraville All Stars at this Friday’s Stony Creek Music Festival. The event will be headlined by Nick Barker performing a Rolling Stones tribute and will also feature Chris Wilson and Shane O’Mara. From 2-7pm at McNish Reserve, Yarraville.