My Brimbank: Attitude Dance

Jayson Fry and Xavier McGettigan

By Tate Papworth

What’s your connection to Brimbank?


I’m the director of the Geelong-based, independent dance theatre company Attitude Dance Company, but we’re both residents of Caroline Springs – we’ve lived here a while now.


What do you make of the performing arts scene in Brimbank?

Xavier: It’s certainly developing out here. I’m hoping to get my finger on the pulse a little more than I currently do, but there are lots of fantastic dance schools with wonderful teachers here. I really hope to work with them in the future.


Tell us about your latest production.

Jayson: The production is called Ours. It’s our second major work by our newly created Impact Ensemble. We really wanted to explore a new and more intimate way of presenting. Ours explores themes of ownership, belonging and community through eight original dance works.


So each artist has had full ownership of their piece?

Jayson: They have. This is an opportunity for them to tell their stories through dance. They own their stories and you really see it come through on the floor.


What can audiences expect?

Xavier: The structure and approach to this production is something I hope provides a new and intimate experience for audiences in addition to the high quality dance we have become known for.


And where can people buy tickets?