Millennium Man returns to life

Ren (front), Sarah, Daphne and Audrey. (Damjan Janevski) 233718_03

Tara Murray

Sunshine’s famous Millennium Man was brought back to life last week.

A representation of the famous statue, that was removed last year, was the star of the show in the StagePlay school holiday program which was held on Friday at Sunshine Heights Primary School.

Organiser Jessica Gerger said StagePlay is a drama and art holiday program where kids put on a play in a week.

She said they loved the Millenium Man and wanted to bring him back to life in a fun way.

“We have had all sorts of themes over the last couple of years – under the sea, witches and wizards, medieval tales- you name it.

“This time around the workshop is a spoof of ’Men in Black’ called ’Kids in Black’.

“The original play in it is called ’Área 3020’. In the play we are pretending that there is a secret part of Sunshine that houses aliens, agents, spaceships and toxic slime.

“One of those spaceships happens to be the Millenium Man statue. In our play he has been removed in the middle of the night by KIB Agents because he has been emitting intergalactic radiation since the 90’s and is now under observation at Area 3020.

“When the statue finally opens up – it reveals all manner of strange inhabitants including of course – Elvis, a cow and other very silly characters.”