Mesmerising mosaic

Linda works on her mosaic masterpiece. (Jacob Pattison) 376760_02

Hannah Hammoud

Duke Street Community House (DSCH) is bringing people together through the world of mosaic art with its engaging workshops aimed at fostering creativity, connection, and community spirit.

As an introduction to the craft, DSCH hosted two sessions for the year, with plans to expand its programs in 2024.

The mosaic workshops play a vital role in addressing the challenges faced by many women in

the community, who often find themselves isolated and encounter barriers to participation.

DSCH manager Emma Price said in the wake of the pandemic and escalating living costs, affordable social activities have become increasingly scarce.

“This program gives women an opportunity to come together, to learn a new skill, make friends and for many, to practise their English skills in a social and fun environment,” she said.

“We hope it supports good mental health and creates new friendships. We also hope that more people discover the fantastic opportunities we have on offer at Duke Street Community House.”

The artistic creations born from these workshops will find a permanent home in Duke Street Community House’s Art Garden Installation, alongside the newly planted vegetable plots. These vibrant mosaics will adorn the garden at 27 Duke Street Sunshine, transforming it into a beautiful and inviting space for the entire community to enjoy.

“Mosaics is a beautiful artform that allows for creativity and personal expression. It’s amazing how many different patterns and designs can be made from using just these small shapes and pieces,” said Ms Price.

Looking ahead to 2024, DSCH is set to launch a new Women’s Social English Group. Supported by dedicated volunteers, the group will meet on Tuesday mornings during term times, providing women with a platform to practise and learn English, connect with local women, and engage in various creative projects and programs.

“We also offer free English and Digital Skills classes as well as a range of other fun, creative and social programs. Contact the team to find out more or register (03) 9311 9973,” said Ms Price.