Managing cats in Victoria

The state government will develop Victoria’s first comprehensive cat management strategy to encourage responsible ownership across the state, including in Brimbank.

Agriculture minister Mary-Anne Thomas visited the Cat Protection Society of Victoria in Greensborough to announce the development of a 10 year plan which will be funded by $1.3 million from the 2022/23 Budget.

There are over 224,000 registered cats across Victoria, with many more unregistered, unowned or feral cats in urban and natural environments.

When these cat populations overlap, animal welfare and environmental issues can be created.

The new funding will also support education campaigns and grants to promote responsible cat ownership.

Ms Thomas said: “Cats are beloved pets for many Victorians but also a threat to native wildlife and biodiversity, we need to ensure we’re best supporting the welfare of cats as well as our precious native wildlife.”

“While Victoria has high rates of registration and desexing, we also know that we have high numbers of unowned and feral cats. That’s why we are working to deliver the first cat management strategy.”