Mail order drugs deliver jail time

By Ewen McRae

Attempting to import heroin valued at almost a million dollars has landed a man and a woman in prison.

Huong Thuy Ly and Hoang Thanh Lee were each sentenced in the County Court to four years jail. Ly pleaded guilty to importing a border controlled drug while Lee pleaded guilty to attempting to possess a border controlled drug.

The court heard the pair attempted to obtain 3.98 kilograms of heroin in a package from Thailand, mailed to a St Albans house, in November 2015.

The drugs were valued about $877,000.

Two other people involved in the trafficking ring were sentenced in March 2017 to four and eight years jail respectively for their roles in the crime.

The court heard Ly co-ordinated sending the package from overseas, as well as communicating the delivery address in St Albans to a third party.

Lee received payments connected to the delivery of the package, and also instructed one of his co-accused in how to test the substance inside the package once it was delivered.

Lee, who was overseas at the time of the crime, was arrested in August 2016.Ly was charged in November, 2016.

Ly must serve at least two years and three months jail before being eligible for parole. Lee must serve two years and six months.