Mackellar shining bright

Mackellar Primary School prep pupils Nicholas and Ava writing in class. (Damjan Janevski)

The inclusion of English consultant Stephen Graham to help teach pupils at Mackellar Primary School has brought outstanding results for the school’s pupils.

The new approach to teaching prep pupils has resulted in impressive reading and writing results for the Delahey school.

Mackellar Primary School prep teacher Shelly Wockner said pupils were proud of their results.

“In just one term, many of our students are already demonstrating outstanding achievement, ensuring they are well on the way to achieving end of year standard for foundation, with others well on their way to surpassing this,” she said.

“Through [Mr Graham’s] methods, we have provided a program where in our foundation students write texts with remarkable detail, vocabulary and structure.

“Our students have demonstrated the use of high frequency words and readily incorporate their alphabet knowledge in their writing as they begin to independently spell unknown words.

“As a school, we could not be more proud of our students and are blown away by their achievements.”

Ms Wockner said the new approach brought a positive learning environment and contributed to the higher achievements.

“We have taken a new approach to learning, having brought in an external consultant which has brought real energy to the classroom,” Ms Wockner said.

“The pupils seem to have found the change refreshing and it has brought an exciting atmosphere to the classroom.

“We have seen pupils go from satisfactory pieces of work to excellent over a short period of time.”