Licence testing returns

After a lengthy public push, Peter Thomson has got VicRoads to open a licence testing hub. (Luke Hemer)

By Tate Papworth

A three-year fight to return licence testing to Brimbank has come to an end, largely thanks to the efforts of one man.

Sunshine resident Peter Thomson was left bewildered when VicRoads opted to cease licence testing when it relocated to Clark Street in 2017.

Mr Thomson was the driving force behind several public protests calling for a licence testing facility within Brimbank.

The protracted battle has come to an end with VicRoads agreeing to open a licence testing facility at 1/85 Mt Derrimut Road, Deer Park.

“I’m happy for all the local driving schools and those who now don’t have to travel long distances,” Mr Thomson said.

“It’s not often you get one up on the state government, so this is a great outcome. The champagne has been on ice for a while now, so I’m looking forward to breaking it out.”

The new facility will offer drive tests and computerised licence testing services; including learner permit knowledge and hazard perception testing.

“I was always confident we’d get the right result … once I heard about the additional strain not having a facility in Brimbank was putting on neighbouring [VicRoads] offices,” Mr Thomsons said.

He thanked those who supported the cause by signing petitions, attending rallies and adding their voice to the cause.

“This was a community effort.

“The bottom line is that these facilities should never have been taken away to begin with.”