Let us keep planning powers : Council

Corner of Cairnlea Drive and Ballarat Road, Cairnlea. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 254685_02

Tara Murray

Brimbank council wants to remain the key planning authority on a massive development on Ballarat Road, Cairnlea.

The council has been informed that Development Victoria has requested that Planning Minister Richard Wynne becomes the planning and responsible authority for their Cairnlea development and Amendment C222 to the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

This leaves the council with little say over the development of the 41-hectare site, which has been set aside to create a new residential neighbourhood.

Cr Victoria Borg raised a notice of motion at last week’s council meeting, stating the council wished to retain its planning and responsible authority powers.

The council will write a letter to Mr Wynne stating this.

Cr Borg was among a number of concerned residents who were recently part of an online community meeting.

“Development Victoria recently provided an update and briefing to the Cairnlea community on the ongoing development of the area,” she said at the council meeting.

“The local community is concerned about the proposed erosion of the decision making by council in relation to the planning and development of Cairnlea.

“At last month’s council meeting, a number of community members asked public questions about our views.

“The questions clearly indicated that there is heightened concern among the Cairnlea community that they would be cut out.”

Cr Bruce Lancashire the decision removed the ability of the community to be engaged through their council in the planning process, while Cr Virginia Tachos raised concerned about the impact the decision would have on the community.

“It creates a real disconnect with the community. The community naturally turn to councillors for support when it comes to any type of development of planning, we are the closest people to our community,” she said.