Leap of faith pays off

Ronald Ramos designed a harmony-themed jumper for the Western Bulldogs (supplied)

By Tate Papworth

Two years ago, Victoria University Polytechnic graduate Ronald Ramos swapped his career as an IT specialist to become a visual artist.

At 36, the late-blooming St Albans artist said it wasn’t easy to throw in a highly-paid role for a chance to uncover a buried creative passion.

However, his decision has paid off – Ramos has earned a series of awards, accolades and prizes along the way.

Recently he won the inaugural VU – Western Bulldogs ‘design a harmony-themed footy jumper’ competition.

He presented the jumper to Bulldogs’ players at the Unity Cup, a full day of round-robin matches featuring amateur players supported by AFL teams earlier this month.

The winning work is a powerful design of red and white hands gripping wrists on a Bulldogs-blue background, symbolising strength and unity.

Ramos said simplicity was the key.

“It’s a design that can be understood in many cultures without requiring too much thought,” he said.

It’s not the first time Ramos’ work has been recognised. He won the $5000 Fiona Myer National Grant after his teachers at VU Polytechnic encouraged him to enter a panoramic series of five acrylic paintings of Japan’s Mount Fuji last year.

He plans to use the money to undertake art workshops and visit galleries in Sydney later this year.

Ramos said he’s happy he followed his passion and now aims to become a teacher so he can encourage others.