Leading from the front

Ellie Blackburn spoke to staff at Sunshine Hospital on leadership.

By Tate Papworth

Western Bulldogs AFLW captain Ellie Blackburn has offered some words of inspiration to staff at Sunshine Hospital.

The premiership hero spoke at Western Health’s invitation.

“You’ve got to find your thing that keeps you going and wakes you up every morning – whatever works for you,” she said.

“I struggled myself with public speaking growing up; shaking, mumbling, stuffing up and forgetting what I was saying.

“Now I can come into a room and really know what I’m doing. There are some things that didn’t come naturally to me that I’ve worked on.”

Blackburn also spoke about the importance of having women in leadership positions.

“You can be told that you’re not good enough or you don’t belong, and if you believe that then what they’re saying is true. But if you choose to create a different path for yourself and the women following behind you then you can achieve great things.”

“I don’t want people to necessarily have my leadership skills; I want them to be able to be a leader in their own way. That way you’re not just building them up but building on your own ability as well.”