Landfill investigation continues

A no dumping sign on Denton Ave. (Luke Hemer) 205237_02

Tate Papworth

Law firm Slater and Gordon are continuing to investigate the possibility of a class action over the closed Sunshine Landfills.

Earlier this year Star Weekly revealed that a number of properties built on and around the closed Sunshine landfills are sitting on buried waste and are being exposed to methane gas.

The properties in question are located on Denton Avenue, Karen Place and Toora Court.

Council recently wrote to impacted residents advising them of public exhibition of a proposed environmental overlay to its planning scheme.

Slater and Gordon practice group leader Manisha Blencowe said her firm was closely monitoring the situation.

“The Brimbank City Council has recently begun public exhibition of the proposed amendments to the planning scheme that will result in an Environmental Audit Overlay being applied to a large number of properties close to, or immediately above, the former landfill site,” she said.

“The new restrictions on use of those properties, and the requirements in relation to environmental audits and approvals for the properties, are matters that we are considering closely in our investigation.”

The council was also due to begin drilling works to install landfill gas bores in Carrington Drive Reserve.

Their installation will increase monitoring of landfill contaminants as part of the council’s ongoing assessment of risk and management of the landfill issues.

Ms Blencowe said the anticipated works were also cause for investigation.

“These works, and the impacts for residents, are also of interest and concern to us and form part of our investigation,” she said.

“We will be writing to residents and owners shortly with an update on our investigation and invite locals to contact us with any information that they believe may be relevant to potential claims.”

Denton Avenue resident Brook Batty said lines of communication to her had gone quiet.

“I haven’t heard anything from the council and I know a few people have left messages and never heard back,” Ms Batty said.

“I’m not sure how this overlay impacts me. A little while ago the boundary line was at my back fence, now it’s at my front fence, covering my entire property.

“I don’t know if I would have to get someone in to assess the land for something as simple as putting in a new front fence.”