Lakeview’s rock of ages

The cast of Lakeview's 2018 production

By Tate Papworth

A rock performance for the ages hit Lakeview Senior College last week.

More than three years had passed since the school’s last production and staff and students said the excitement levels were at fever pitch.

The students performed

Rock of Ages, which teacher Dave Oxley said hit a number of high notes.

“This has been almost a whole year’s worth of work – the band is pretty rocking, there’s lot’s of big power ballad numbers – it’s a whole heap of fun,” he said.

Teacher Caroline Willie oversaw the production and said there was something for everyone.

“These guys have been working flat out since the beginning of the year to learn lines and rehearse. A lot of them are in year 12 and they’ve really taken it on board and run with it,” she said.

Gia took on the lead role of Sherrie, a young girl who, in 1987, arrives in Los Angeles from Oklahoma with dreams of becoming a singer.

“Sherrie was really relatable for me, playing her has been something I’ve loved.” Gia said.

However Gia isn’t the only one who found her character relatable.

Souritra plays bar-back Drew and said he loved playing up on his mannerisms.

“I find Drew really amusing because he’s got little quirks. I like bringing humour to serious things, which was fun to play,” he said.