Julie Zapasa and Michelle Hoskin feel young at heart with new exhibition

Julie Zapasa and Michelle Hoskin (Joe Mastorianni).

By Laura Michell

Julie Zapasa believes everyone can learn  new things about themselves and the  world they live in just by listening to their inner child.

The Melton artist is about to launch a new exhibition at the Sunshine Art Spaces Gallery in collaboration with fellow Melton resident Michelle Hoskin.

Known as Childe, the exhibition is inspired by the spirit of the inner child.

Hoskin’s works draw on childhood fears, the struggles of growing up and parenting, while Zapasa’s works are playful.

Zapasa came up with the idea for the exhibition after selling some paintings about children at her last exhibition.

She asked Hoskin – who is debuting her work – to join her and share her perspective as a parent.

“For me, creating artworks have caused me to travel away from my inner child and this exhibition brought me back. It was very emotional,” she said.

Zapasa, who attended high school in Sunshine, said she never thought she would have the opportunity to showcase her work where she grew up.

“I have been exhibiting and creating for 25 years, little did I realise I would be coming back to Sunshine,” she said.

Childe is at the Sunshine Art Spaces Gallery from June 13 to July 25.

Details: brimbank.vic.gov.au