IPC bids to run mental health hub


Tara Murray

Local health service provider IPC Health is among those seeking to provide a new mental health hub in Brimbank.

The provider has confirmed that it has entered into a partnership with community health providers to bid to design and run the Brimbank Mental Health Hub.

The hub is one of 60 that will be set up by the state government to provide mental health support and services to adults, in response to recommendations arising from the Royal Commission into Mental Health.

IPC Health acting chief executive Glenn Pringle said the organisation aims to provide better, more accessible and more tailored mental health (and health and wellbeing) services to the community.

“The Victorian government is looking to establish a Local Adult and Older Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing Service in Brimbank.

“The new ​service will aim to have a community centred approach, ensuring that people aged 26 years and older can access the treatment and support they need closer to where they live.

“Bids for the tender close early February, with the expectation the hub will be operational by ​October 2022.”

IPC has sought to get community feedback to help them better understand the needs and expectations of the community for the hub.

Mr Pringle said this feedback would help them across all of their services.

“IPC Health wants to better understand the needs of local communities to ensure its proposed service reflects the unique needs and strengths of its community and has invited Brimbank community members to participate in workshops to better understand their needs and expectations around the operation and features of the hub.

“The information gathered will support IPC Health’s contribution to the bid.

“The insights we gain from these consultation sessions will be applied in our health and wellbeing services to the Brimbank community, whether we win the tender or not.”