Hopes lockdown will end

Pic of the COVID testing site at St Albans. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 239027_02

Tara Murray

Brimbank residents have their fingers crossed that the fourth COVID-19 lockdown will come to an end this week.

Melbournians are facing their second week of the lockdown, with case numbers not dropping as much as experts would have liked.

In Brimbank, which has one of the highest total number of COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began, there are currently no active cases.

In the 3037 postcode which includes Calder Park, Delahey, Hillside, Sydenham and Taylors Hill there are two active cases.

Brimbank residents have been on high alert, with a number of exposure sites in the municipality.

Aged Care provider BlueCross Western Gardens has been listed as an exposure site. A staff member who worked at the aged care centre on May 28 has tested positive.

All other staff and residents have since returned negative tests.

All residents who were on-site between 12pm and midnight on that day are classified as tier one contacts.

Staff, contractors and visitors who entered the centre’s low care unit and anyone who used the staff communal areas in the high care unit between 4pm and 9.30pm on that day are classified as tier one contacts.

All other staff and contractors and visitors are classified as tier two contacts and need to get tested and isolate until they get a negative test result.

Brimbank Shopping Centre was named an exposure site on three days after a positive case worked at Muffin Break on May 26, 27 and 28.

Tier one sites are Muffin Break, the male staff bathrooms and the food court on each of those three days.

On May 26, the positive case worked between 8.45-5.30pm, on May 27 between 11.45 and 9.30pm and on May 28 between 8.45am and 6.30pm.

Anyone who was at those locations at those times and dates need to get tested and isolate for 14 days.

The rest of the centre on those three days at those times have been named as a tier two site.

Nandos on May 26 between 2pm and 5.30pm was named individually as a tier two site.

Sunshine station and a bus which travelled from the station to Deer Park have been listed as COVID-19 exposure sites.

The 420 bus route between Sunshine railway station at Dickson Street and Brimbank Shopping Centre on May 27 between 11.50am and 12.14pm is classified as a tier one site.

Sunshine station is classified as a tier three site on May 27 between 11.03am and 11.50am on May 27. Anyone who was at the station between those times needs to monitor for symptoms.