Hoons tear up Burnside Heights Recreation Reserve

Damage done by hoons. (Supplied)

Tara Murray

Hoon drivers have left their mark at Burnside Heights Recreation Reserve, damaging one of the sporting areas at the ground.

Burnside Heights Football Club president Justin Peagram said that over the last few weeks, a number of drivers had been coming down to the club.

“The club got a grant 18 months ago from the council. It was used to create a little reserve for us, where kids could train or play safely. There’s a new car park which was built near the top over and they haven’t finished the barrier,” he said.

“The last couple of weeks cars have been rocking up and using the ramp as it isn’t locked.”

Mr Peagram said the driving, along with wet weather, left the area damaged.

He said neighbours across the road had seen the cars, but hadn’t been able to get details to pass on to police.

Mr Peagram said the area would be crucial in the football club’s pre-season training due to upgrade works.

“The cricket club only has one oval to use,” he said.

“We’ll have very limited access to the oval, so we need that area. We’re hoping it will be fixed before we start pre-season.”

Melton council operations manager Brendan Sell said minor remediation work was required to repair the damage, including some topdressing.

He said while this type of damage doesn’t occur often, there was about six incidents recorded in the past year.

‘We inspect our grounds regularly and repair any vandalism as soon as it is identified,” he said.

“If sites have regular vandalism, we usually consider options such as installing fences where appropriate.”

Anyone with information should contact Caroline Springs police.