Home learning made fun

Kings Park Primary School teacher Xaisaveth Phoumin. (Damjan Janevski) 215233_01

Esther Lauaki

Virtual excursions, retro-themed exercise classes and cooking clubs are some of the exciting ways that Kings Park Primary School pupils have been keeping busy this term.

Pupils have been distance learning for most of this year and, with lockdown restrictions extended for another three weeks, principal Jodi Park said the focus is on keeping the children engaged.

“The families in Brimbank have been in lockdown for a long time and that brings challenges to keep motivated,” Ms Park said.

“Remote learning has reminded us to check in with the children in case they might be feeling isolated and missing the outdoor activities that they used to be able to do freely.

“Teachers have been planning lessons that have a focus on the emotional wellbeing of the children.”

Lessons have included a daily themed online “webercise” aerobics classes, virtual excursions to the zoo, to see the penguin parade and Footscray Market and Paris.

Year 4 teacher Xaisavath Phoumin said remote teaching has been a welcome challenge for her.

“Overall teaching from home has been a really positive experience for me,”Ms Phoumin said.

“I’ve seen it as an opportunity and a challenge for me to explore different ways to deliver effective and engaging lessons to ensure that the students do not fall behind.

“To add variety, we have done a walking excursion to Footscray Market and surrounding streets, which was linked to helping students to understand mapping. Following this, a student has also led the class on a neighbourhood walk in their community.

“Remote learning has also brought the students together as they try and motivate each other.

“But they are looking forward to the day they can return to school and see their friends and teacher.”

Esther Lauaki