Headspace program to expand


Tara Murray

A dedicated program helping young people secure employment opportunities in Sunshine is set to expand.

Sunshine headspace is one of four Victorian locations for the Individual Placement and Support Program, which aims to help young people secure employment opportunities, while improving their mental health and financial security.

Federal Victorian Senator Jane Hume said the Sunshine headspace site would continue to run the successful program to address barriers preventing people from finding and keeping a job.

The Sunshine headspace is one of 24 existing locations being extended, in addition to 26 new sites across Australia delivering the program

“The Morrison government will re-invest in this program to boost local mental health and employment services in Sunshine,” Ms Hume said.

“By integrating educational and workforce support with clinical mental health services, we are helping our young people secure employment opportunities.

“Managing mental health should not be a barrier to pursuing a fulfilling career. The program will continue to ensure young people have access to the tailored support they need to thrive in any workplace.”

The program expansion will allow 6000 Australians under the age of 25 experiencing mental illness to access a range of specialist vocational and employment support services.