Have your say on Brimbank’s future look

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Max Hatzoglou

Brimbank council is calling local residents to provide comments on its draft Creating Streets for People Policy, which is a long term vision to guide how Brimbank’s streets should look, function and support the community.

The draft policy has been shaped by previous community feedback on how streets are used and what is important to the community.

Council said that the role of streets in urban areas has always been to move people and goods, however in recent decades the convenience and affordability of travelling by car has meant a shift to a car dominated environment.

Globally, cities are now attempting to reverse this trend and create streets for people that prioritises slower, sustainable, more active travel such as cycling and walking.

Brimbank mayor Jasmine Nguyen said the policy was aimed at improving public spaces for the community.

“The draft Creating Streets for People Policy is focused on creating better streets that make better use of space, and improved outcomes for people, supporting the community in a range of travel choices,” Cr Nguyen said.

“The draft Policy was developed after engaging with the Brimbank community on how our streets are used, what’s important to them and the vision needed for our future.”

Cr Nguyen said residents had already mentioned green spaces as a key to the policy.

“Our community has told us that trees and greenery, safety, and places for outside dining are important for their streets,” she said

“Tell us what you think of Council’s draft Creating Streets for People Policy to adapt our street network for an evolving and growing municipality.”

The draft Creating Streets for People Policy will guide future investment in Brimbank’s street network to create people-focused places.

The policy is set to allow for sustainable active travel choices, foster community cohesion and adapt our environment for the future climate.

Comments on the draft policy close on June 10.

To make a comment visit: yoursay.brimbank.vic.gov.au