Golden roles for actors

By Tate Papworth

When Charlie Bucket unwraps his chocolate bar and reveals a golden ticket, it’s the start of a magical journey that feels to good to be true.

For Brimbank actors Joseph Naim and Glen Oliver, taking the stage at Melbourne’s Her Majesty’s Theatre as part of the musical production of the Roald Dahl classic is equally as magical.

The show arrived in Melbourne in August following a successful run in Sydney.

Both Joseph and Glen are part of the ensemble, however Joseph only joined the show when it came to Melbourne.

He admits joining the production as a re-cast had its challenges, but it’s been an experience he wouldn’t trade.

“It’s been great, the cast and company have been brilliant,” Joseph said.

“The biggest challenge I faced was coming into a show when it’s already been running a while as a re-cast member.

“I’ve done four proffional shows and out of the four I’ve done three as re-cast, which is a skill set in itself because you’re learing in isolation and having to catch up to where the rest of the cast, who’ve already learned the material inside and out are at.”

For those who haven’t seen the production, Joseph promises and “Aussie twist.”

“In the films, the kids and families all come from different parts of the world, but in the show the Bucket family are Australian,” he said.

“I’m in the ensemble, but I also play a character called Mrs Green. She’s not on the films, but she’s like a fairy god mother to Charile.

“She’s an interesting character, she’s been played differently all over the world, but my interpretation is very a very Melbourne one.”

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