From Albanvale to Jakarta

Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Maurice Novoa with local students at the Kali Majapahit martial arts club in Jakarta. (Supplied)

Albanvale’s own Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Maurice Novoa set off to Indonesia on a philanthropic journey through the power of martial arts.

Novoa conducted a martial arts workshop at the Kali Majapahit martial arts club, owned by Head Instructor Wulung Damardoto, where participants learned defensive footwork techniques against knife attacks, incorporating elements from basketball movements to make self-defence techniques practical and accessible.

Novoa also shared the knowledge of the most potent elbow strike developed by Wing Chun Grandmaster Pan Nam.

Earlier in the year, Novoa was inducted into American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation Legends Hall of Honors in recognition of his dedication to the world of martial arts

Novoa described the workshops as a ‘huge success’, and has said he hopes to make the classes a regular event.

“I’ve been travelling to Indonesia for years ever since I was 21. Martial arts is my passion and this is the first workshop I’ve done over there. I hope to run a bigger workshop again next year and hopefully create a snowball effect.” he said.

Nine students attended the workshop with Novoa donating the cost of the class fee to a local orphanage in Jakarta.

“If it means everytime I go over there I can raise money for this orphanage by just giving a two hour workshop then that is fantastic,” Novoa said.

The workshop’s success was unprecedented, with Damardoto describing it as the most successful fundraising event in the club’s history.

“You taught us not only the value of martial arts but also the value of sharing and making an impact on the community,” he said in a letter thanking Novoa for his visit to the local club