Four bin roll-out welcomed

By Tate Papworth

Brimbank council has welcomed the state government’s Recycling Victoria package.

Under the package, a four bin system will rolled out across the state from next year.

The new system will keep the red, yellow and green bins and add a purple bin for glass.

Brimbank mayor Georgina Papafotiou said it was great to see the suite of new policies being announced.

“This is something Brimbank has been keenly awaiting for some time,” Cr Papafotiou said.

“Our submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Recycling and Waste Management in May 2019 highlighted the systemic issues with the provision of recycling and waste management in Victoria.

“This week’s release of the Circular Economy Strategy, including the announcement of a four bin system to be rolled out across Victoria alongside the introduction of a container deposit scheme, aligns with Brimbank’s Waste, Recycling and Litter Strategy and should go a long way to reducing garbage and increasing recycling rates in Victoria.

“The four bin system is also consistent with our intention to introduce food organics into the kerbside green organics collection.”

Cr Papafotiou said the council would seek further information on how the system would be funded.

“Of course, the introduction of a four bin system will have significant implications for councils,” she said.

“Council is keen to find out more information from the state government about how local government will be funded and supported to roll out of the four bin system.

“We also want to better understand how the planned increases to the landfill levy will be used to implement these new reforms to benefit communities, and avoid funds sitting idly in the sustainability fund.”

The council also welcomed the announcement of a container deposit scheme.

In 2018, the council wrote to the state government, urging it to consider introducing a container deposit scheme in Victoria and flagged that Brimbank would be an ideal city to pilot collection options.