Fix Albion station: MP

Bernie Finn visits Albion Station with Albion and Ardeer Community Club's Neil Head.

Tara Murray

Western Metropolitan Liberal MP Bernie Finn has called for Albion station to be upgraded as part of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link.

Mr Finn met with representatives of the Albion and Ardeer Community Club and Greater Sunshine Community Alliance at Albion station last week to discuss concerns about the project.

He also used the visit to reiterate his calls for the project to be delayed until “proper” community consultation takes place.

Residents have been calling for Albion station to be completely upgraded as part of the airport rail project, however Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) is only proposing to make minor improvements to the station.

Mr Finn said there are major safety and security concerns with the station and that the pedestrian underpass reminded him of the old Sunshine station.

“You took your life in your own hands when you travelled in that and I can imagine after dark, people walking through that underpass would feel the same way,” he said.

“You only get one opportunity to do it properly and this is an opportunity we can’t let go begging.

“This area is a bit ragged at the moment it could be said and this station is very jaded and needs a major upgrade to understate things.

“We can fix this station and do the airport rail properly. I invite the state government to think about that.”

Albion and Ardeer Community Club’s Neil Head welcomed Mr Finn’s visit.

“I think the community thinks that the proposals that are currently being displayed are not of a standard required,” he said.

“There hasn’t been any consultation to date, we’ve got alternative plans which we think are better plans and happy to discuss with the rail authority.”

Mr Head said while the group welcomed RPV’s announcement that community consultation will take place as part of the next stage of the proposal, he said they had concerns about what the engagement would entail.