Finding a new love

George Rousou with some of his artwork. (Supplied)

George Rousou has become quite the artist throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Having never picked up pencils and textas before, the 94-year-old Sunshine North resident now spends much of his time colouring and drawing.

His daughter Yvonne said they had seen a new side of her father in the last year, with the artwork bringing him immense joy.

“During COVID he was introduced to it by my sister who is a graphic artist by trade,” she said.

“He tried pastels and was drawing bottle brushes. He is so proud of his work and shows everyone.

“Everyone now buys him textas and crayons and he’s really got into it in a big way.

Yvonne said her father put his art work up around the house and said they had mentioned about having an exhibition for the family when lockdowns ease.

She said the paintings made things less stressful for him and helped them gauge the mood he was in.

“If he had taken this up a while ago, he would have been quite good at it.”

Mr Rousou has been sharing his love of his artwork with carers from the Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS) team that visit him every week.

He receives health services and weekly support worker visits to vacuum, mop and dust, and maintain his garden.

AMCS has looked at different ways to connect with clients and make sure they’re safe during the pandemic.