Fears raised over road fix

An upgrade of the Taylors and Kings roads intersection in Delahey will include controversial elevation of the roads some residents say could do more harm than good.

The notorious roundabout at the intersection will be removed, with traffic lights, new pedestrian crossings and bike paths to be installed.

But it is the raising of the whole intersection by 75 millimetres to slow traffic that is causing concern, with Delahey resident Tom claiming that what VicRoads is describing as “raised platforms” could be a safety concern.

“I just don’t think it is going to work,” he said. “With this plan, even if it’s a green light as you approach the intersection, you will have to apply the brakes as the intersection is raised. That just creates confusion and the potential for more rear-end crashes.

“I’m not objecting to signalising the intersection – I think the whole community wants that to happen.

“But this feels like an experiment and I’m not sure it will work.”

VicRoads has previously installed a raised intersection in Belmont, near Geelong. The intersections are based on successful similar road projects in The Netherlands.

Brimbank acting infrastructure and city services director Tom Razmovski said the council was confident the upgrade would improve the safety and functionality of the intersection.

“Council has been informed that it has been used with success overseas,” he said.

“Although the raised intersection treatment is something new in Victoria, VicRoads have either installed, or are in the process of installing, this type of treatment in other locations across the state.”

Tom said he would prefer to have the measures trialled more thoroughly elsewhere before the intersection was upgraded.

“If it’s been proven to work elsewhere then fine, I’ll support it, but I don’t think that’s happened and I don’t want this to be a guinea pig,” he said.

“Once it’s done we’re stuck with it – and if it doesn’t work, what happens then?”

VicRoads was contacted for comment.