Fashion dream comes true

Keilor Downs fashion Designer Salih Nesim has a big things planned. Picture Shawn Smits.

By Tate Papworth

A Keilor Downs fashion designer lived out a dream last month.

Salih Nesim received a last-minute call-up to take part in the prestigious Fashion Aid event.

Mr Nesim said it was a whirlwind chain of events.

“Fashion Aid has always been an event that I’ve looked at and thought I’d love to be a part of,” Mr Nesim said.

“This opportunity was very last minute. I only got notified about three months ago.

“In that time I had to organise the collection, which was about seven pieces and then put it together.”

Mr Nesim said the opportunity came up in an unusual way.

“My mum works for a lady who introduced me to one of the organisers who made space for me,” he said.

“I’m so glad I took the opportunity and went for it.”

He said an overseas trip was the source of inspiration for the show.

“This whole collection was based off royalty,” he said. “I went overseas to Vienna last year and it really inspired the whole collection.

“It was surreal to see it all come together.”

With one major goal ticked off, Mr Nesim has a clear vision for the future.

“I’d love to be doing some red carpet work next year – things like the Logies and Brownlow,” he said.

“I really want to take this business to the next level and become that standout designer.”

Mr Nesim has developed his style over a number of years and said he finds joy in making others feel good about themselves.

“I do high-end evening wear and bridal wear. I love to do glamorous things. I like to make every woman feel as glamorous as possible.”

For more information visit Mr Nesim’s Instagram page: @Salihnesim