Enjoy it, says Keilor Downs College VCE star

Geetha Theiventhiran achieved a meat perfect VCE score of 49 out of 50.

A Keilor Downs College graduate was among 279 top achievers lauded last week at the Premier’s VCE awards.

Geetha Theiventhiran, 19, who graduated from Keilor Downs College last year, was acknowledged for her near-perfect score in sociology – 49 out of 50.

Geetha said sociology and global politics were her two favourite subjects at secondary school, which was probably the reason she scored so well. “I did put a lot of effort into the subjects I wanted to excel in.”

Geetha said she picked up sociology as a subject for the first time in year 12 after she had enjoyed studying politics in year 11.

Now studying for a double degree in arts and commerce at Monash University, Geetha says a lot of study and commitment are the keys to success in year 12.

But it should not be all work and no play, and she encouraged year 12 students to make time to do the things they love and remain social and active outside school.

“Don’t just focus on the studying aspect of it, enjoy yourself as well; that’s the main thing,” Geetha said.

“I know it’s stressful, but while studying you should take part in social activities and enjoy your hobbies, too.”

For Geetha, Indian classical music lessons helped take her mind off things, and her family and teachers had given her great support. “They helped get me through it. I could rely on them to help me feel less stressed,” she said.

Sociology teacher James Milner and college principal Stuart Andrews were also at the Melbourne Convention Centre for the awards.

“I think it’s equally rewarding for my teacher as well because he did play a large part in me getting the score,” she said.