Do your bit for the environment

Vashti Maher. (Stephanie Maher)

Tara Murray

When you’re on your daily walk this Saturday, have a look around and pick up some rubbish for World Clean Up Day.

Let’s Do It Australia is encouraging people to make the most of their time outside to help make the world cleaner, healthier and more beautiful.

President Vashti Maher will be out in Taylors Hill on Saturday tidying up the area.

She encouraged people to get involved in any way they can; picking up rubbish from alongside a road, litter blown up against fences or cigarette butts.

“No matter how much you love the environment, the problems we face in trying to look after it can seem complex and daunting,” she said.

“If enough people do just a little bit, we can have a big impact. That’s what World Clean Up Day is about. You’ve heard the message before – there are plenty of movements out there encouraging people to stop littering or pick up rubbish.

“Even one person can make a difference – all you have to do is don a mask, some gloves, and pick up some rubbish.

Last year 180 countries and 11 million people participated in World Clean Up Day.

To register:

Details: search @LDI.Australia on social media.