Data shows high rate of diabetes in Brimbank

Brimbank residents with type 2 diabetes are encouraged to take part in a Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute study.

By Matthew Sims

Brimbank recorded an above-average proportion of its population who took part in the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) as of December last year, new data reveals.

The data showed that while the national average of NDSS registrants was 5.9 per cent as of December 2021, Brimbank recorded 7.3 per cent of its population had registered for the scheme.

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute has called for Brimbank residents affected by diabetes to assist researchers to allow them to better determine whether people with type 2 diabetes are likely to suffer from complications.

The work has begun at Sunshine Hospital as part of the ‘PREDICT’ research study.

Albanvale resident Mercieca Raimondo, who participated in the study, has lived with type 2 diabetes for 26 years and said it had been a “curse”.

“I hate this disease with a vengeance,” she said.

“Type 2 diabetes runs in our family pretty badly.

“There’s me, my sister, my mother, and my nieces have it.”

Ms Raimondo said she was keen to help the study contribute to the understanding of the disease.

“There have been heart attacks and strokes in our family because of it,” she said.

“It really is a nightmare and something I’d like to help change.

“There are thousands upon thousands of people out there who have diabetes, and a lot more who have it but don’t know they do, and they are all at risk of the many complications.”

According to the Baker Institute, type 2 diabetes could cause complications such as heart attacks, strokes, damage to eyesight, nerve damage, reduced kidney function and circulation issues leading to amputation.

Brimbank, Melton, Hume and Maribyrnong residents with type 2 diabetes are eligible to participate in the study.

Participants will receive a range of blood and urine tests, a heart scan, a comprehensive eye examination, an eye scan and memory and physical function tests.