Crèche closure cooling off

Sunshine leisure centre crèche closure on hold following council meeting (Damjan Janevski)

By Holly McGuinness

Community voices have been heard regarding the frustrations surrounding the sudden crèche closure at Sunshine Leisure Centre, council has halted the redevelopment to examine additional options following a meeting with The Greater Sunshine Alliance (GSCA) and Albion Ardeer Community Club (AACC).

The Star Weekly previously reported that the crèche was set to be repurposed to allow space for group fitness classes as the crèche numbers dwindled.

Brimbank Council’s Director of Community Wellbeing, Lynley Dumble said regarding the crèche , “Council officers met with the Greater Sunshine Community Alliance to discuss their concerns regarding the closure of the Sunshine Leisure Centre crèche.

“As an outcome of this meeting, Council is pausing the closure of the crèche to undertake some further work, this will include a facility and program gender assessment audit, and further consultation with members and the broader community. “

The Greater Sunshine Alliance met with members of Council as well as leisure centre managers to discuss the sudden permanent closure of the crèche and how the space can better suit community needs whilst keeping it intact.

Following the meeting, council has agreed it will conduct community consultation with members and the wider community to ensure public needs are met and determine why the crèche wasn’t being used to its capacity previously, as well as consider using the space as a multi functional area allowing classes.

GSCA criticised council’s initial decision to close the crèche as it did not come with adamant communication to the community and in a previous statement to The Star Weekly the group said “The crèche service is vital and needs to be reinstated immediately for our current families and those to come, as our community continues to grow over the next decade.”