Councillor calls in inspectorate


Tate Papworth

The Local Government Inspectorate is assessing a complaint made against Brimbank mayor Georgina Papafotiou.

Cr Virginia Tachos lodged the complaint with the inspectorate recently.

Cr Tachos declined to comment, but sources close to the council have told Star Weekly that a number of incidents were reported to the inspectorate.

The source said that the tipping point came after the mayor allegedly directed Cr Tachos to immediately get a COVID-19 test after she was seen out in the public, promoting local businesses in St Albans.

Cr Tachos subsequently missed a special council meeting that evening and has not returned to council since.

Acting Chief Municipal Inspector Dr John Lynch confirmed the inspectorate was assessing the complaint.

The allegations prompted Cr Papafotiou to make a statement at a recent council meeting, defending her leadership.

“I personally know what it is like to be a victim and feel unsafe. I know what intimidation looks like. I know what fear and loathing looks like and I know how it affects and hurts people,” Cr Papafotiou said.

“But I also know when to say enough is enough and when to move on.”

Cr Papafotiou made it clear she intended to fight any claims against her.

“I can tell you now that the actions of some, however hurtful, misdirected, and destructive they might be … will not distract me from my work,” Cr Papafotiou said.

“Rather, those acts of distraction and subversion only strengthen me to call them out, to keep going and, where appropriate, to push back.

“There is simply no place for this type of behavior and attitude.

“Wherever necessary, we will co-ordinate with integrity bodies to ensure that any inappropriate behaviour is investigated and prosecuted.”