Council seeking community feedback

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Tara Murray

​​Brimbank council is looking for community members to be part of a working group to share their views on council assets.

The council is seeking 80 community members to be involved in an asset plan community working group that will help the council to develop its first ever 10 year asset plan.

The plan will focus on three groups of existing public assets, parks, playgrounds, and sports grounds, community buildings and facilities, and roads, footpaths and shared paths.

Once formed it will be put out for community feedback.

The working group will be involved in three workshops later this year to provide feedback and input to the council on how it would like to see council assets managed.

Topics will include what should council do more of and what should they do less of and what are the trade offs?

Participants who attend the three workshops will receive a $100 gift card to support any out-of-pocket expenses and to acknowledge their commitment.

Brimbank Mayor Ranka Rasic said the plan would help ensure existing public assets are kept clean, safe, and attractive, now and into the future.

“We want to continue to provide great public spaces for our community to enjoy and be proud of,” she said.

“Brimbank is a large municipality with lots of public assets so we want to focus on what’s most important to you.

“We’re looking for community views and ideas to give us more insight into how our community would like to see Brimbank’s parks and open spaces, its community buildings, roads, footpaths and shared paths managed and maintained.”

Nominations close on November 18

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