Council defers decision on new landfill contract

Photo by Damjan Janevski. 203822_02

Tara Murray

Brimbank council has just over a month to decide where its waste will go after deferring making a decision about the future of its landfill service last week.

The council was set to award new landfill service contracts at last Tuesday’s council meeting, but instead voted to defer the item to a future meeting.

The current deal between the council and Cleanaway expires on March 31, with no option to extend it.

There is just one council meeting before the end of March – March 16.

Council officers recommended the council award contracts to Cleanaway on a four year guaranteed basis and to Hanson Landfill Services on a non-guaranteed basis for a four years.

There are two extension options of two years each, subject to negotiation and satisfactory performance over the initial period.

Cr Bruce Lancashire offered up an alternative motion, with two different options.

In option one, the four-year contract with Cleanway would be guaranteed for 12 months initially and reviewed annually. No changes were proposed for the Hanson Landfill Services contract.

Option two would result in four-year, non-guaranteed contracts for both Cleanway and Hanson Landfill Services.

Cr Lancashire then raised the motion to defer the item, which passed unanimously.

Mayor Ranka Rasic said the council was working to award a new contract as quickly as possible before the expiry of the current contract.

“Landfill services (including the state government landfill levy) cost Brimbank residents $5.5 million per year and we want to make sure we deliver the best value for money.

“We will continue exploring all viable options that will both service our residents, whilst minimising the landfill effects on our environment.

“For far too long our area has been a dumping ground for waste and its time council carefully consider all options, both now and in the future, with our community and environment in mind.”