Council cracks down on parking

Tate Papworth

Brimbank council is cracking down on cars exceeding parking limits.

About 20 per cent of cars are parked longer than the time limit permitted in short-term parking spaces (1/4P, 1/2P, 1P and 2P) in the Sunshine activity centre, according to a traffic consultant hired by the council.

In the long-term parking restriction areas, where four-hour parking is allowed, 35 per cent of cars parked longer than allowed.

In St Albans, about 10-18 per cent of cars were parked longer than the time limit in the short-term parking restriction spaces (1/4P, 1P and 2P) and just under 50 per cent of cars are parked longer than the time limit permitted in the 30 minute spaces.

The council is looking at a raft of measures to fix the problem, including increased parking enforcement, restricting parking to one side of narrow roads and improved linemarking and signage.

Implementing new restrictions, changing current parking restrictions and changing the parking permit system are all being considered.

Under a new system, four parking permits would be available – residential, service provider, work zone and carer.

Residential permits would incur a fee of $35 per annum. Service permits would cost $25 per week, while work zone permits would be $50 a week in residential areas and $100 a week in commercial areas per space plus the cost of sign installation. Carers permits would be free.

Mayor Cr Georgina Papafotiou said the council’s main focus was to provide “well-managed public parking spaces for our residents, our local businesses, visitors and public transport commuters”.

“Council recognises that parking should be readily available and well located for those who need and value it the most.

“The draft policy,together with the Draft Car Parking Management Plans, provide a framework for an effective parking management scheme across the municipality.”

The proposed parking plan is open for public consultation until July 3.