Council calls for new safety hub

Brimbank council will lobby the state government for a support and safety hub to be built in the municipality.

The hubs, one of the key recommendations of the Royal Commission into family violence, are designed to help women and children experiencing family violence.

They also provide support for vulnerable families who need help with the wellbeing and development of their children.

Cr Virginia Tachos said establishing a hub
in Brimbank should be considered a high priority.

“We’re the second largest municipality in Victoria and we’ve seen an increase in these sorts of incidents,” Cr Tachos said. “In terms of need, Brimbank has a need for this sort of service.”

Cr Tachos said the hub would help dramatically reduce the number of domestic violence incidents across Brimbank.

“The hub will offer support, identify any imminent violence issues, offer risk management plans and specialist expertise,” she said. “It will work across a spectrum from prevention, early intervention and response.

“This also adds education surrounding the problem,” Cr Tachos said. “It’s … connecting victims to the right services, then co-ordinating with them. It takes away the problem of not knowing where to go and gives people the support they deserve.”

While the hubs will be gradually rolled out across the state, Cr Tachos said Brimbank should be at the top of the list.

“There’s been a 47 per cent increase in incidents across Brimbank and the council will be advocating hard for this to be included in our community.”